Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Deals & Deliveries

Yay! More new jewelry arrived last week!  $475 worth of FREE jewelry from Premier after hosting my Renewal show. In addition I will receive a $50 certificate for renewing as a jeweler with Premier. I couldn't be more excited about my business! 

I started back with my Grocery Gaming last week, and was pleasantly surprised that even after one plus years time, I still have some stock left to include shampoos, razors, body wash, deodorant and some canned goods along with household cleaning products. I also still know how to pluck coupons, and my system still stands true! Hip hip hooray!  I spent a total of $29.15 and saved $25.17.  I did realize that I wasn't credited for 1 pound of grapes, which would have increased my savings and lowered my spending, but I am still very happy with the results. I will start adding photos here on a weekly basis of what I bought with my spending/savings.   I forgot to mention, the Cub that I was at was out of chicken, so The Sisters from The SHF went to another Cub to save time...4 packages of chicken for 13.98, x2 girls = $27.96  Guess how much we saved?  27.96!  YAY!

I did luck out and score Colorado Peaches and Pears when I headed up north to my moms. If you have never had them, contact your local Lions club, as they only show up once a year.  They are DELISH-US!!!! Mmmm. My mommy kept most of the peaches and I have the bulk of the pears. Any one have any good pear recipes? Something tells me I won't be able to eat them all without spoiling a few.
 Suggestions welcome!!!

I didn't receive anything fun in the mail this past week besides Jewelry.  I am hoping something fun or cute shows up in the mail this week!  I have been signing up for a lot of things that Jennifer at Thrifty Military Wife has posted. Am just waiting for them to show up!

Would love to know about your savings this past week!

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