Friday, September 17, 2010

30 Days of MeMe, Day 25

Day 25 - your day, in great detail

5:50AM Alarm #1 jolts me from my snuggly warmth
6:15AM Alarm #2 reminds me I should have gotten up the first time...I'm just gonna lay here a couple minutes.
6:25AM Alarm # you need to get your butt out of bed and MOVE 
FINE!  I refresh my email browser on my phone to see if anything from Chief has come, nope. Okay...Darnit, I forgot to prep the coffee pot. Coffee is a necessity in my house, I refuse to talk until after I've had my first cup poured. Oh darnit, the cat, she's thirsty, I wonder if Sarah checked her dish...get cat small bowl of water.  Shuffle off to shower. Oooh, I love this new shampoo/conditioner Sprinkler brought home from Victoria's Secret...and this body wash...mmmmm divine.  I'm so not bothering shaving, it's cold out, I'm wearing jeans. I hate cold. I turned up the shower heat after this very thought.
Sarah managed to sneak into the bathroom while I was showering to use the facilities and thankfully remembered to turn on the fan for me. Ooops. I always think it's too cold in the morning for the fan, so I forget it most days. Love these new scents and products from the VS!

 I finished my shower, poured my creamer in the cup first then coffee (quirk #435) and went upstairs to wake my precious Minny. I shake her a little, sing her a song and get my morning hug.  Ahhh, I love her in the morning, her hair all astray and the prettiest smile. 
Off to put my face on. Little extra bronzer today. Checked to make sure Minny was moving and shaking upstairs and then back to the bathroom to blowdry my hair. Sarah and I chatted for a bit, she's decided to stay home today, not feeling well.  Okay then!  So I proceeded to get myself dressed. Might I add, it usually is the 3rd outfit I put on before I am happy with what I've picked out, but not today!  I got it on the first try. And the jewelry. Grab a cute pair of maryjane heels and gather my stuff to put in my carry along bag. My calendar, customer folder and laptop, I need something to do when there is nothing to do at work. :)
I feed and water Scotch, get him back in the house and off Minny and I go. We talked aboiut the umbrella and how to open and close it, I don't want my girl to get wet at the bus stop today and realize she has no jacket. Ish. It's 54 degrees!  We talked about Minnesota's 10,000 lakes and the allergy season and how much we hate it. We get to Sue's daycare and I walked Minny in. Off to work I go!  It's 7.35 now and I am singing in my car...What song was that, King of Anything by Sara Barielles (sp?)  I think about the newspaper and Sundays on my way to work too, and should I order it for the coupons or just keep picking it up at the gas station...hmmmm....
Ahhhh, I'm early for work, I love it. I start opening programs up and try and tend to the most important things at work. Seems to me the first 2 hours of work is a social/catch up hour with bits of work in between.  Jane brought me my favorite this morning, a northern light vanilla latte from Caribou! HAPPY FRIDAY TO ME!  Jane has been with the company since before me and we are VERY close, I don't know what we'd do with out each others friendship. Really, thru the good the bad and the ugly, we have each other. Jane and I exchange our morning hug and go about our mornings. I can't forget to link up my 5QF post or my MILS FF in post either!  I spend the morning doing quotes here and there and a few job tickets. Wow, it's slooooooow right now. Not my favorite time at all. Jane decides I need to leave at noon with her to go to the post office and target to grab food. Uhhh, ok!  I tell the sometimes like today awful Jim that we are going. Today I can't tolerate him. Jim is not only my boss but my ex's father.

*side story *  I came to work for Ex's parents just over 6 years ago when Ex wanted me to work a day job (mistake #2 - giving up my life) well, needless to say, I took a job working for his parents business. I am Jim's "mini" in all aspects of business. A few years ago mom and dad sold the business to BR and I happily work for BR under Jim, as he's still the "sales" manager. While most days we get along, the breakup was still very hard as we lived next to his parents along with WORKING TOGETHER.  Yea, I'm sure you're thinking OH WOW. Jim knows I don't ever want to see, here or smell of Ex and so we try to keep a very professional relationship. Needless to say, we had a very close personal relationship and so sometimes he gets my ugly, happy personal side when it comes out. ***

Jane and I do just that, head to the PO, and then to Target. Oooh, did you see the beautiful turquoise dishes?  I need those!  Oh...Sorry. ahahahhaaaa. I am PMS'ing, I grab creamy chicken dumpling soup, cheeze-its and frosted with sprinkles animal cookies. YUM. Oh look, Jane grabbed cheese too, I need that.  What about that Tapioca pudding?  Heavens Margaret!  Yep, it's PMS, Jane called me on it too!  tee hee
Back to work to find Ex's mom is at the office. FFS! I can't tolerate her lying 2faced self more than I ever liked living next door to them, now I have to see her and pretend to be nice!  I see Jim on the phone outside his office, praying I don't have to see her. I put my things in my office and snuck off to the girls room to wash my hands. I walk by Jane's office on the way back. WHEW - they left for lunch. Sweet baby!!! 
Forget the soup, where are those cookies...And the cheeze-its.
I got to talk to Mai-vin, my BFF and that made my day. Gosh work was long and BORING. Why don't customers follow procedures regarding jobs and samples?
Jim comes into my office about 3.50 talking about how I should really dust the sample shelf when I'm not too busy playing on my laptop. Ahhhaaaaahahahahaha, yea, NO. I'll work on that the second Tuesday of next week.  So he then turns around and says, see ya bye!  It was that slow, he sent Jane, Scott and I home!  Wahoooooo!  I am thinking Jane's ready to go, since I'm giving her a ride. I pack up all of my things and go to her office hoping she can fetch my key out of my purse that's behind me under my bag of goodies. Well, she's not ready, so she'll meet me at my house when she's done and she was kind enough to fetch my key. I left work, refreshed my browser on my phone as I was waiting for someone to kindly let me into the traffic.  OH MY GOSH! YAY!  "I miss you" is the subject line! I <3 hearing from Chief!  So as I do my happy dance in the car, it's Friday and I am SO exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiited!  Dangit, traffics moving again, will have to wait for a red light to read more. I get to the final light before the daycare and am able to read the email. Woo hooooooo! Chief will be in MN, he's given me the date, and omg, another countdown! Sadly he won't be on the first round of leave, but the second. Which means he'll miss Christmas, and leaves on NYE to fly to MN. CRAP. HOWEVER, I can't think of a better way to start the New Year than with him. So many things running through my mind as I finish reading the email. Yay! Yay! Yay!  I get to Sue's Daycare and fetch Minny, who had a successful day with my umbrella, but left it at school. Thank goodness there's no rain coming this weekend. Doo dah doo dah!  Oh I'm still singing!  We get home, and settle in with the dog and the bird and wait for Jane. I read a ton of mail. Yay! My new Rachel Ray magazine that I got for free has arrived, well hot diggity dog. Jane arrives and we head out over to her girlfriends to drop her off. We finally get there and start heading home and there's traffic. STOPPED. DEAD. Ugh. This is why my work is FOUR MILES from home. Yes 4. I don't miss traffic.  Ish. Minny says "Holy Starclam!"  What the?  She cracks me up, and proceeds to tell me it's a phrase from her "warriors" series she's been reading.  We get thru traffic, and I can't decide if I want to wash my car, ahhhh forget it, and turn left at the light. Off to home we go. What will we do? I am not hungry and Minny isn't too much either. Sprinkler is home, so we sit and chit chat and catch up.  She is a serial dater, and so I always get to hear about the newest boy in line.  We sat out on the deck for awhile, I actually smoked. I haven't been doing much of it at all since I got sick Labor Day weekend. I feel like an elephant is still sitting on my chest. And while I only have a terrible cough, I am thinking I am OVER smoking.  It's really pretty nasty. Minny decides she wants the last piece of pizza from dinner last night, so while I heat that up, I start preparing grilled cheese sammies and tomato soup for Sprinkler and I. Super easy, and perfect for a chilly night. And while I'm not cold enough for the furnace to be on, it's chilly. We all enjoy our dinner and now here I sit writing my blog. The tv is on, but it's simply background noise.  I will plan to write my Prince Charming Chief after I finish posting this day 25. I think we got pretty personal and you know my day pretty in depth today!

Cheers!  See you soon!


  1. I am the same way when it comes to getting up in the morning, usually my dog, after about an hour of hitting snooze my just sits by the alarm clock like come on turn the darn thing off and let me out!! Haha

    I left you an award over on my blog, because I love reading yours!! I hope you will accept it.

  2. Oh wow! I decided to dump this part of the Meme and add pieces from another one. I am a wuss like that. Love reading what you had going on though!