Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 Days of MeMe, Day 22

Day 22 - a website

I have more than one today...this is no surprise, as I usually post more than one thing...
http://www.pocketyourdollars.com/  This lady is from Minneapolis and keeps the whole city and then some up to date, how to save, finding freebies and great deals and also offers many other things on her website.
http://www.grocerygame.com/ The website that got me so excited I started couponing. Do you know that I am just now getting to using shampoo, razors and body wash I got for little to FREE when I was in my fulltime couponing swing?  I am just getting back into this pretty heavily. Who can turn down free?  Hmmmm, probably not very many of us!
http://www.premierdesigns.com/  While you aren't able to see a catalog online, you can still view and learn about the amazing company that does so much for others. How May I Serve You? I love my business!  My goal is for Premier to be my only job by August of 2011. Yes! I said it!  And, besides, who doesn't LOVE being able to wear jewelry? 

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