Tuesday, September 21, 2010

30 Days of MeMe, Day 27

Day 27 - this month, in great detail  My CatchAll

Bwahahahaaaaa, this is very funny to me.  We all have one. Mine is just inside my living room from the kitchen to the hallway that connects you into the bathroom and bedrooms...Ready?  You won't believe your eyes.  Funny, as I was so over blogging about my month in great detail. Ya'll read my blog, and if you don't well...you are now!  Here's my CatchAll....and a list of the contents and reasons...

starting with what's closest to me...
My folder of Premier receipts that I am organzing alphabetically
My Premier Designs Calendar with our entire life scheduled out
Pic of My Hero - my daddy holding Minny was she was just a peanut
4 different candle holders, all of which I found at the thrift store - 2 of them are actually fan globes from someones old fan! 
2 pairs of sunglasses - I am awful!
Marilyn Monroe clock
candle snuffer
My favorite bracelet "all dressed up"
"Key to my heart" necklace
4 glass coasters from my brother and SIL
Picture of the ABS girls at A's surprise party in February
on the wall: my leafy green metal thing for decoration with Minny's preschool pic hanging off of it and the sign that says "Just walk a day in my flipflops" that I got from my lovely Donna for my birthday this year - we love our flip flops!
underneath - the super catchall!
1 plant that I kept thru my awful breakup. We had 2, they were like kids.  Ahahhaaaa. 
Book from Walt Disney when Minny was 2.
"Do Penguins Have Knees" book from my BFF, since I always ask the stupid questions!
My coupon binder is on top of all of my magazines I have yet to read!  Shhh, I'll get to them.  Seems I have to fly to read magazines.  They are my guilty pleasure, but don't take the time to read them...I'll get to them....
Oh!  Look!  the tag's still on the table from when I bought it on New Years Day this year,  Ahahahahah.
My AirWick smelly spray thingy doo dah
What's that not plugged in for - the Glade Oil plug in...one of us must have been charging our phone...hmmm...
I think I got it all!  What's your catch all look like?

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