Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day & Love

Valentine's Day is to celebrate the sacrifice of true love.
Love does not always come in a happy little package.
You have to work harder on love than any job you've ever had.
It's a choice and The Irish said it best...
Love, loyalty and friendship.

HELP! Countdown timer?

I have seen them on some pages, and don't know where to find them...
Where do I find a countdown timer to add to my blog, bloggy friends?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fun Day

So here it is Friday and today is Auntie Day Care day. Yep!  I never get the responsibility of watching my brothers kids, so we're having such a blast. Kaisa and Markus are napping. Poor Markus is sick, so they didn't want to send the kiddos to daycare.
5.30am alarm???  WOW. I haven't gotten up this early, since...well...since I was working!  Hah!  I bet you know where I'll be after they leave!  Yep, napping on the couch!
It's funny, I haven't had to use or buckle in a car seat in well....forever.  This morning taking Minny to school was hillarious, trying to buckle the kiddos into the backseat. I've decided, it's good practice.
Chief has training at work today, so he's been pretty quiet. I love Fridays. Always have. 
Tonight is movie night here...What to rent? 
We watched New in Town the other night.  Being from MN and hearing the people in the movie talk is NOTHING like how we sound.  Fargo was another horrible movie for accents too.  New in Town was a cute movie. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

101 in!

101 posts in!  Already?  I suppose there is no excuse for more, but hell, I HAVE EXCITING NEWS!

Where are my ladies at in South Carolina? 

Chief has taken orders for Charleston!!!  We will be there in the fall after getting married, honeymooning, celebrating Minny's 10th birthday here and roadtripping all the way there!  It would be nice to know a few people when we get there!  Of course a move for him is no big deal, but for someone who's been in a 15 mile radius of her home town her entire life....It's kind of a lot!  And the same for Minny.

Help?  Suggestions?  Shout Outs?