Tuesday, February 8, 2011

101 in!

101 posts in!  Already?  I suppose there is no excuse for more, but hell, I HAVE EXCITING NEWS!

Where are my ladies at in South Carolina? 

Chief has taken orders for Charleston!!!  We will be there in the fall after getting married, honeymooning, celebrating Minny's 10th birthday here and roadtripping all the way there!  It would be nice to know a few people when we get there!  Of course a move for him is no big deal, but for someone who's been in a 15 mile radius of her home town her entire life....It's kind of a lot!  And the same for Minny.

Help?  Suggestions?  Shout Outs? 

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  1. My hubs is headed to SC for recruiting school for the army...meanwhile, I'm still stuck up here in Ft Drum, NY until we move. Cute blog..glad I spied you on the Milspouse Roundup!Come visit!