Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I LOVE my job

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I am always happy to mail you a catalog.

Have I ever mentioned?  I love my job! 

Premier Designs is a direct sales jewelry company founded in 1985 by Joan and Andy Horner in Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. They created the company as a way to support ministries here and around the globe, as well as provide a home-based business opportunity established on biblical principles, such as integrity and unselfish service. Through our non-traditional approach of putting people first — before profits — Premier Designs has grown into a more than 350-million-dollar — debt-free — corporation with Independent Distributors (we call them Jewelers) in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Premier Designs Jewelers market quality high fashion jewelry to small groups through Home Shows. We are members of the Direct Selling Association, but our emphasis is on serving rather than selling.

Our Philosophy

We believe God created every person with value.

We believe life's priorities should be God, family, and then career.

We believe in America and the free enterprise system.

We believe people are our most important asset.

Our Purpose

To enrich every life we touch;

To provide people a way to find identity, achievement and success;

To meet the personal and financial needs of all who become a part of our Premier Designs family.

Our Objectives

God demands fairness in every business deal. He sets the standard and we desire to honor Him.

To grow wisely and profitably.

To enrich every life we touch.

To provide excellent service.

All over the place!

You know how sometimes you just have so much going on that a list won't help?  I am all over the place this morning. I didn't sleep well.  Ever notice how the temp in the house, if off by a few degrees can throw off your sleep pattern?  Woooo!
Coffee, check!
Emails, check!
Jewelry to do list - check!
Mail prep - hmmm...must do...
I started to organize closets last week.  Well, that has started the ball rolling on all my closets. I had quite the humorous moments last night as I cursed the bathroom closet, since I couldn't get the new organizer in. Thank goodness Pants can think out of the box because she got it in!
Speaking of organizing...am I being unreasonable to have the expectation that my 9 year old Minny can clean and keep her room organized.  It's the same fight every time. Is your room clean? No. Is the floor picked up? No. I will about once a month go up and deep clean her room. I make her help, and her room is clearly organized. But I can't get her to keep it up.  Maybe I'm unrealistic?  Last night I did it again.  I told her, from here on out, she would be grounded from extracurriculars if she couldn't keep her room up.
I need a printer.  Maybe not a printer, but to find the cords for the one that I do have, since it's really nice and not even used a handful of times.  Hah!  Now what? I wouldn't even know where to find the cords. I've lived here...13 1/2 months.  Yep, no idea.  But I need my printer.  And don't want to afford a new one.
Chief has been gone working for a week now, and now I remember about deployment what I didn't like.  Hah!  I can't just randomly text or call him to hear his voice.  Due back soon tho, patience, right?
DOWNSIZING.  Okay ladies, taking suggestions, ideas, etc.  We will be moving after the wedding, say...October.  How did you do this? What do you reccommend?  I have a lifetime of items, some I of course don't really need and am not sure why I have. BUT...any ideas are welcome!
Time to get the Minny to school.  Have a great day my bloggy friends!

Friday, January 21, 2011

MILS Friday Fill In #27 Back in Business!!!

All of my bloggy friends - I can't say I'm not excited to be back participating, because I most CERTAINLY am!!!!!
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1. What do you usually want to know about someone when meeting them for the first time?
Their name, where they're from, what things make them smile and tick.

2. Would you rather know everything about your spouse, or be regularly surprised?

I have to tell you, no matter how much I THINK I know, he continues to surprise me all of the time.  We have a lot of the same views and values, and most times he could answer questions of me and I of him with out thinking twice.
Big thing on the list of upcoming surprises, our Honeymoon.  I told him I just need to know how to pack.  Seems simple, right? 

3. If you could live in one city for the rest of your life, where would you live?

Somewhere warmer than here in Minnesota, I'm frrrrreeeeeezing!  Somewhere with seasons.

4. When you go out of town, what one material thing do you ALWAYS take?

Man......My wooby.

5. Using no more than 10 nouns, and ONLY nouns, describe yourself.

 - Fiance, mother, friend, daughter, sister (in law!) Princess, military, independent, home, city.

5QF! I'm baaaaack!

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Yes, yes, yes...My favorite Friday ritual has started again.

1. Where did you meet your spouse and did you instantly know it was love?

Band Class. High School.  NO!  We had no idea what life had in store for us all these years later.  Fast Forward to January 10, 2010 - he's home on leave, we meet out for drinks, and the rest is history!

2. What is your favorite room in your house?

Bathroom HANDS DOWN.  Tan tiles = Sand, Blue walls = the beach ahhhhhhhhh

3. Can you wiggle your ears?

If I do that thing, you can't see me doing it, but those of you who can do it know what I'm talking about!

4. What is your evening ritual?

Dinner, cleanup, shower for the Minny, bedtime for the Minny, and then whatever sucks me in next.  It will be blogging if the COLD continues. Woooooo!

5. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?

Need?  6.  Like?  8.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Year, A WHOLE NEW World

Hey all my bloggy friends!  I know, I know, it's been awful.  November came, my fathers passing kind of sucked me down and things have been such a rollercoaster since.  I won't bore you all with the awful details of the bad, but will accentuate on the GREAT!

December 10th, I was let go from my day job, the place I've worked over six years, loved and was pretty bummed out about. 

December teeeeeens, Chief was back in port, after his deployment.  This was one of the best days!

December holidays, came, were fabulous and spent a lot of time with my family.

December 31st, I worked, spent the night with my great friends and had Dennys afterwwards because I was SURE there was no way going to bed was an option.  So we headed home, I showered, got ready and fetched Chief from the airport.  I have to tell you, as I waited at the baggage carousel, my eyelids were begging me to look for the cracks in them, but I said NO WAY!  Instead, I opened my eyes up really big, and....There he was walking towards me!!!!  Me?  After all this time!  That first embrace was fantastic.
So, if you've seen my pages, I have updated my to-do list for 365 and crossed some things off.
We had breakfast with his siblings and mom after I picked him up, then a much needed nap.  We got ready for a NYD party at a friends and went to celebrate. 

some of the crew at Rach's that day

We headed to my BFF's after for some fun times and "Guam Bombs" 


We all were out smoking around 11.30pm and I was SO exhausted and knew he was too, so I suggested we go home.  So we went in the house to gather our things, when...

Why did they ALL come in AFTER he proposed?!

I am blessed, loved, and so excited.  There is so much to share, and plans to be made and and and!