Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All over the place!

You know how sometimes you just have so much going on that a list won't help?  I am all over the place this morning. I didn't sleep well.  Ever notice how the temp in the house, if off by a few degrees can throw off your sleep pattern?  Woooo!
Coffee, check!
Emails, check!
Jewelry to do list - check!
Mail prep - hmmm...must do...
I started to organize closets last week.  Well, that has started the ball rolling on all my closets. I had quite the humorous moments last night as I cursed the bathroom closet, since I couldn't get the new organizer in. Thank goodness Pants can think out of the box because she got it in!
Speaking of organizing...am I being unreasonable to have the expectation that my 9 year old Minny can clean and keep her room organized.  It's the same fight every time. Is your room clean? No. Is the floor picked up? No. I will about once a month go up and deep clean her room. I make her help, and her room is clearly organized. But I can't get her to keep it up.  Maybe I'm unrealistic?  Last night I did it again.  I told her, from here on out, she would be grounded from extracurriculars if she couldn't keep her room up.
I need a printer.  Maybe not a printer, but to find the cords for the one that I do have, since it's really nice and not even used a handful of times.  Hah!  Now what? I wouldn't even know where to find the cords. I've lived here...13 1/2 months.  Yep, no idea.  But I need my printer.  And don't want to afford a new one.
Chief has been gone working for a week now, and now I remember about deployment what I didn't like.  Hah!  I can't just randomly text or call him to hear his voice.  Due back soon tho, patience, right?
DOWNSIZING.  Okay ladies, taking suggestions, ideas, etc.  We will be moving after the wedding, say...October.  How did you do this? What do you reccommend?  I have a lifetime of items, some I of course don't really need and am not sure why I have. BUT...any ideas are welcome!
Time to get the Minny to school.  Have a great day my bloggy friends!

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