Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010 Memory Walk

I don't know if many of you have lived with someone or are living with someone who suffers from dementia or alzheimers but almost 3 years ago I said goodbye to my daddy, who suffered from this, even though for a very short time. By September 16th, we knew from the doctors that my father was suffering from dementia, caused by several small strokes. Looking back, there were several occassions in the two years prior that we can now look back and see dad had covered up his forgetfulness very well. He retired just before turning 70 and my parents moved up north. There were things like, forgetting what he was talking about or doing, and even phone numbers he wouldn't remember. My daddy was the most amazing man I have ever known, and I miss him EVERY single day. And with the days creeping up closer to his passing and the memories of the last few months we had together with him I still miss him very much. Nothing like growing up as Daddy's girl and hearing that he might be dissappointed if I did something he didn't agree with broke my heart.
This Saturday Minny and I are joining in the 2010 Memory Walk to end Alzheimers. We are of course looking for donations for our walk and appreciate any support, encouraging words and wisdom you would be so kind to share.  Click here if you would like to donate and help us in achieving our goal. 
We are late in signing up for the walk as we just found out about the one here in the cities where we live!!!
Again, something very important to me and Minny. I fear my "shiny" moments as I like to call them will only increase as the years pedal on and I too will suffer from Alzheimers. *gasp*  I hope if that is the case that I will go quickly just like my daddy. Gosh I miss him.

this is one of "those" talks...had I only listened.  hah!


  1. Oh so touching, sorry for your loss. Good luck with your walk, I hope the weather is nice for you on Saturday.

  2. that is the sweetest picture!

  3. I lost my grandfather two years ago, he was in the early stages of alzheimers for years. Some times it could be so hard, my heart would break when he had his "bad" days. I think it is wonderful that you are doing this walk! Good luck with everything! :)