Wednesday, September 22, 2010

30 Days of MeMe, Day 29

Day 29 - hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

Where do you start here?

bwaaaahahahahahah - I wish!

I have a huge to do list daily, and while the title is hopes, dreams and plans, all of the things on the to do list are linked into the bigger picture...

Consistently downsize. I am in a declutter mode...Now only to train Minny to do the same.
I wanna be a FlyLady. Consistently. Anyone else follow FlyLady?
Get back into eBay.
Walk the dog everyday. Take Scotch to training so he can be left unkenneled while I'm at work.
Give up my FT day job and make Premier Designs my NUMBER 1 and only besides being a SAHSM.
Finish the breezeway and get the dinner table in the house finally.
Paint the hallway.
Finish the basement.
Make the laundry room cute and functional.
Get back into my hobbies.
Lose 40 pounds.
Host Christmas at the house.
Host a Welcome Home party for Chief.
Use my new snowblower.  (wait, what the hell am I thinking! I don't really want to have to use it...)
Minny and I to visit Chief in the Spring - her first trip to Hawai'i!
Trip to the WaterPark
BBQ in the cold MN winter
Finish Chief's Movie List
Bake my a$$ off for the holidays
Host a cookie exchange...2 actually. Family/Friends and Royals.
Say yes when he asks!

I am sure I will add to this...And maybe cross some stuff off!  Stay tuned!


  1. i love your new layout [ esp. the little dollie on it]

  2. I cannot wait to bake like crazy for the holidays!! I am actually making some cookies to send to my sailor in a care package this weekend! Also I have not forgot about sending you the recipe for the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, I just have to get it off my mom! :) I know that was forever ago, but I don't remember to ask her until its too late.