Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Ramblings

I have so much on my mind today, work is slow. Sorry if it's jumbled, all over the place, OH LOOK SHINY, venting and yea.

It's been a crazy week. I have to say I like being able to come and read others blogs and get away from life for a bit. 

I will be picking up Minny from "Camp Grammy" this weekend and spending some much needed time with my mom.  My parents moved up north before my dad passed and even though it's only a few hours in the car, we just don't see each other as often as we used to when they lived 15 minutes away. Minny and I talked this week about a move with Chief and she says in the sweetest voice, "What about Grammy?"  Like will we still see her - OF COURSE!  It will just take a bit longer to get there. Minny says, mommy if you're happy then I'm happy. Okay, please find me a box for a child who reminds me on occassion of a mini-adult, I would like to store her there forever so she doesn't grow any more.   Minny is entering the 3rd grade on Tuesday.  She tells me "I have a queevy feeling in my tummy about school mom, I'm nervous"  Uhhh, queevy?  She's attended the same school since she started and she just cracks me up. I'm queevy.  I went to orientation last night and met her teacher. She is younger than I, I am sure. New to the school. Has my child parked in the front row. Should I have mentioned that Minny's 4 girlfriends are ALL in her class, and they all sit right by each other. AHAHAHAHAAAA, I guess Ms. H will find out soon enough about the girls.

I have been dealing with friend things this week. Whether it be seeing the true colors in friends, or finding out that the "When Harry Met Sally" theory is true. First of all, if you know something first hand to be true, and someone else has a different story about what happened, do you just instantly believe what's said? No. And do you then go to someone else and gossip the non-truth instead of going to the person in question and share with them what you know?  You go right to the person in question, not gossiping. Very hurtful. I forget after AHEM 25 years of my life that people are just as awful as they were in Junior High. I walked away from drama earlier this year because people think it's fun. Well, I AM NOT that person.  As far as the "WHMS" theory...I have a friend, we'll call him Prince. I guess he has had feelings for me, and is struggling with my relationship with Chief. He hates to see me Chasing Waterfalls as he called it. Wow...I am stunned, did you really just say that? I have to say I am incredibly happy, regardless of the distance or deployments between Chief and I right now.  I am in love with Chief and that's it! Don't harsh my happiness, and then throw the "feelings" story at me. Was bummed that I have to lose a friend of 15 years.

I haven't talked much about it, but I am a Premier Designs Jeweler. I can't believe it's been a year already since I started. I started on a whim. In the process of buying my first home and renovation, I thought, what a great opportunity to serve others and play in GREAT JEWELRY with an incredible guarantee. So CHEERS to my first year, and to many more! I am very excited about my business and looking forward to taking it with me when Chief and I move. I am focusing on a Facebook page for my business and Twitter.  If you are interested in Fashion updates and offers thru me & Premier Jewelry, please follow me on twitter @BasBling 

I have FINALLY started couponing again. This was my first week back. I will shop this evening before heading to the Fair.  Wish me luck! 
Speaking of the Fair, I will be headed out there after work today with my friend Sheets (aka Greg) 
Hmmm on the menu of must have eats at the fair this year...
Alligator on a stick

Beer of course!
Cheese on a stick (my favorite!)

I need to find those roasted nuts, you know the ones that are sugar/cinammon coated and DELISH?  If you haven't had them I AM SO sorry. 
I wish someone would get Fried Greens on a stick. YUM!
Anyone else have suggestions for good eats at the State Fair?  Are there any MN ladies out there? 
Leave me a comment and tell me where YOU ARE from!

I have to say, it is friggin cold outside today!  52 degrees. Umm HELLO!?!!?  Who turned off the heat outside? I really enjoy the hot weather, and try not to complain about it EVER because winters in Minnesota are cold and SUCK. Note to self, clean off the snowblower, it may be coming soon if this weather keeps up!  Needless to say, I am wearing a sweater and jeans today. But I just can't forfeit my flip flops!!!!  Not yet. Not until it snows. Yes I am THAT girl. tee hee

I am trying not to struggle so much with not hearing from Chief. This is the longest we've gone and I am sure there's some training happening and he will email when he can. Can I just say I AM SO THANKFUL for the fact that there is even EMAIL on the SUBS?  Whew. I don't know how you ladies with Submariners who have been in many years did it!  Bless your hearts, that's for sure! Are there any Submariner SO's out there?   I will be checking in thru out the weekend, I hope you all have a blessed weekend and enjoy your families, like I plan to! 

I want to do a questionairre, and am going to post something over the weekend for you to answer questions so I can learn more about you!  If you have any questions you want me to ask - post them in the comments section or click HERE to email them to me!


  1. have a lot going on. I too have a friend, who came to me a confesssed his "feelings" after me and my mr got engaged. He thought I was crazy for still wanting to marry him even though he was joining the military! I will admit I never saw myself with someone in the military, but its who I feel in love with. I was friends with this guy pretty much since birth, its heart breaking that our friendship is in danger, because he can't be happy for me. :( But I'm happy with my sailor, and thats all that matters!!

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  4. Subs are rough. But having a good man makes a military marriage so worth the crap we have to go through. Hope you hear from him soon! I think the longest I had to go without hearing from my man was about 4 months. The captain back then totally sucked and decided that emails were just a distraction. Sending email wishes to you!

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