Sunday, September 5, 2010

Getting to Know you Sunday

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Under The Sea Edition

(Cue in Sebastian from The Little Mermaid)

The Q's.

1. Do you like seafood?
Yes!  Sea food, not SEEfood.

2. Are mermaids hot?
Totally!  I asked Chief if the Subs have windows, how cool would they be to see???

3. Have you swam in the ocean?
Yes, it's been awhile.

4. If you got stung by a jellyfish, would you let a stranger pee on you?
Stranger? I hope I am in better company than those I don't know...

5. Have you ever pee'd in the ocean?
6. Can you make a cute fish face? (Show a pic..if you want)
Yes I can!  But I'm sick, and no one needs to see that!

7. When you see the lobster tank at the grocery store do you just have this overwhelming urge to set them free or cook them up?
Where's the lobster tank at the grocery store? I wanna start shopping there!  I have only ever seen them at RedLobster.  Speaking of RL, I want some biscuits...MMMM.  Oh! The answer to the question...Cook them of course! Get in my belly!
8. Are you afraid of sharks?
Hmmm, nope. Seeing as there isn't an ocean anywhere here in MN, I am Oooooooohhhhkay!

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  1. Thats what I thought! I have never seen a lobster tank in a grocery store! Now I am hungry thanks! haha

    Happy Sunday =D