Friday, August 13, 2010

You have Mail!

I finally upgraded my phone the end of April from a dinosaur, which I was more than happy with, to the cool phone that I can do everything on except bathe and cook and raise my daughter. Really, it was peer pressure. Did I mention today is Blame it on Someone Else Day?  Hah!  I can access my jeweler email with the touch of a button on the go. I am with my friends after work today and was asked, have you heard from Chief?  Sadly, no, it's been a week and a half and I haven't. I said to Annie, "When you check your email and you have new email, you go, ooooh I hope it's an email from Chief!"  At least, that's what I say.  Later after a great dinner on the patio, I grabbed my phone, can you believe it, I HAVE EMAIL!  And it's from Chief!  I instantly pull myself out of the conversation to read what he has said. I have asked my movie buff beau for a list of his top movies to see, something for the girls and I to do while I am on my countdown. I am so excited to hear from him I just get goosebumps. I can hear him telling me every last detail, and when I reach the end, there's still one more to read! 
I email him a few times a week and write in a journal I am keeping for him when he gets home. Funny thing, home to me is Minnesota. Last I checked...Yep, nowhere near a port. Home to visit after his deployment. 
I read the next email, and just am so happy. Even if it's once a week I get an email. I struggle with this, and have to remind myself, he's working and will write when he can. I get excited every morning to check my email to see if there's a message, or my phone to see if they've made it into port. My favorite is the sly "poke" on facebook. That's usually what reaches me first and with the time change he hates to wake me.
He has had several week long excursions prior to this, but this deployment is something bigger to me. To grasp the concept of the military email system, which I am so very thankful for on a sub, is difficult. People are so used to the instant gratification of email and communication, that this has really taught me how to be patient & understanding.
I LOVE getting email from him. It really feels like a gift!

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