Thursday, August 26, 2010


So this week has been a week at that. I have been working on my home that I bought late last fall, and there's been a lot to do.  The most recent project from the outside, Phase 2 as I refer to it.  It required me power washing the front steps and all of the brick "planters aka weed growers" and walls that were put up. I chipped paint off and repainted. Did I mention they look SUPER FAB now?  Yes, I am very happy with the completion of them. I finally after 9 months have living room curtains, thanks to Rach for having curtains she was no longer needing and them matching perfectly. After fighting with the lack of using a measuring tape to figure out what size I really needed and 3 trips to The Home Depot for a correct sized curtain rod that had all of the necessary parts.  What store takes a return from a customer and puts it back on the shelf not knowing if all the parts are there? DUH! My living room now feels like that, a living-able room. I have to say, I was almost enjoying not having curtains! 

I suppose I should explain a few things before you continue reading. As I wrote above, I just bought a house, and have some really AMAZING people in my immediate life that I will miss DEARLY when Chief tells me where we're headed. 
1. Sarah mommy "Pants" a friend I have had since I was pregnant with my Minny. She moved in with me in May. 
2. Krista "Sprinkler Girl Ninja" We've been friends since the word go too, and she's finally back from husband number 3 and hell, aka Kentucky-Ana. (on the border of Indiana) who has also moved in. 
3. John aka "Minty" (don't eat the mints in the urinal) who helps as the Man of the House getting stuff done and amusing us ladies and letting us ramble to him amusing stories as well. He does NOT live with us.
4. Minny, is my 8 3/4 year old daughter who is our Rapunzel as her Princess Palace is her bedroom upstairs, BUT SHE"S COMING WITH! 
SIDEBAR : 4.1 There are many more people I am sure I will write about, like my BFF, Mai-vin. Her hubs and family are 4 that I already miss.
5. We have coined our household as The SHF. Please read...
Words/phrases of the week brought to you by The SHF (The Sorority House on France):
"Crotch Broom" another word for mustache. I don't know how many of you have men with these said things on their faces. But I know Chief has told/shown me that the guys on the sub have these, and will keep them for the entire deployment.  He wrote me a couple weeks ago and said there were a bunch of them that shaved their heads. Chief is the one growing a beard every time they are underway, until they port of course. Now I don't know about you ladies, but I know seeing my man bald with a beard is just...unthinkable. 
"I'm going to fart in your *ss" brought to you by Pants.  We watched The Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez. It is a must see if you haven't already. We giggled so many times and so loudly that if we had been in the theatre, we would have been asked to leave.  tee hee!  At the end of the movie as they're rolling through credits one of the ladies from the "single moms group" was making goat noises. I am not sure what possessed Pants to say this, but what she REALLY meant to say was "I'm going to fart in your face"  This phrase will be a much laughable quote for years to come.
You have to remember that as The SHF, there isn't much we don't do, say or express in front of one another.
"The Home Depot"  There was an arguement in my office yesterday about how I was talking about "going to The Home Depot" 3 times within 3 days. I was laughed at and told even by my boss, it's not The Home Depot. It's Home Depot. Well, daheck it's not!  This went on for over an hour. I finally pulled up YouTube and looked for a commercial. AHAHAHA  The Home Depot Commercial I forgot about this commercial. Priceless is all I can say. What would YOU do?  Needless to say I won the arguement when Minty and I met there and you look up and the sign SAYS???  Can you guess?

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