Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 Days Day 3

My Favorite TV Program

Wow, I have to admit I don't watch nearly the TV I used to, I always forget when my shows are on and am usually doing something else. Does anyone watch tv in the summer?!  I have been watching movies. And quite honestly the TV goes on to the music channel, no videos, just music! 

Hands down, one that I could watch over and over and over, Will & Grace. My BFF and I joked about if Chief takes a job in Japan, we'll have to Skype and watch it together.  Which also means we'll have to buy all the seasons of it so we can watch it together since right now we live two miles apart and can watch the same channel.

1 comment:

  1. Hello darling! I just noticed your pinup profile pic...and it totally caught my eye. I love it! I'm also a military wife, and I love meeting other milies:)

    I do the same thing myself with TV. I am always forgetting when my shows are on. Thankfully we now have DVR, so I can just set my reminder to record my favs, and I normally watch them late at night.

    Will & Grace is a classic!