Sunday, August 29, 2010

30 Days of MeMe DAY 5

I'm a little late, but I worked at the Great Minnesota Get Together all day!
Day 05 - your favorite quote

I have a few!

"The Best is Yet to Come"  I live every day reminding myself of this...It relates in so many ways, and am just amazed how every day this surprises me just a little bit more.

"Honesty is the sexiest thing a man can give a woman" Grace from W&G

"You want a knuckle sandwich?" - my daddy

"I'll knock your head up between your ass and make a pygmy out of you" my daddy

"You know what a paradox is? It's two doctors, how about a parallel? It's two lell's. Do you know what a paradox is?  That's two doctors"  from none other than my daddy

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