Tuesday, August 17, 2010

124 Days left

I was super excited to see Chief had made it up, and into port a couple evenings ago, I couldn't stand it. We learned quickly that his internet is the only thing that worked from his phone, so Facebook is the only way we could get in touch with one another. I miss his voice. It's been...2 months tomorrow since he went out to sea. I couldn't sleep early this morning, waking up to an email saying they would be headed back out soon and unable to communicate for a whole month. Ugh. A whole month?  I barely made it a week and a half. All I can do is remind myself that after that time we will be that much closer to seeing one another again.
I was very excited to learn that he was offered yet another postition. Each time they have ported he's been offered a new job. I am very proud of him, and pleased he is doing well.

Bear with me, the next month might be a lot of up and down!  I will try and focus my attention on my jewelry business along with my blog and getting the house ready for winter. School will be starting soon, so my Minny and I will be busy with that too. 

What do you do when you know you won't be able to communicate with your SO?

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