Friday, August 20, 2010


Over the next few months you may find me vent, rant, ramble and talk aloud on here on Chief's options. (well I hear me talking aloud!) 
He's out to sea, well seems like forever. They have made it to port twice and he has had 3 job offers.
 I am so friggin proud of him. He is up for his "review" soon and will talk to the BIG D soon. BIG D being the Detailer.  Now while a lot of you are already with your significant others, wherever you are stationed, I am in Minnesota and he is stationed in Hawaii. And no I don't talk like Fargo. ;) 
The new jobs would be Guam or Japan. WOW. Nothing like getting an email asking what I think and having every possible emotion run through me at that very moment. Have you experienced this? 
First and foremost, I will support Chief with whatever decision it is that he makes when he talks to the Big D.  I know that the experiences in another country would be AHHHHHH-mazing for many things, to include travel, history, culture, food, etc.
Second I have never lived anywhere but MN. Chief and I are both from here, but he has been in the Navy 13 years now, and lived in 5 different states. So initially, leaving everything my Minny and I know, scares the bananas out of me.  This is where our support system, family and lives have been.  As long as we can all be together I know this will be great. If he chooses Japan it would mean shore duty followed by yet his last 3 years before retirement - ON SHORE DUTY.
 We all know with our men gone on deployment how fabulous this would be!!!!!!!!!!

Again as I said, I will support Chief NO MATTER WHAT decision he makes. And I know when the three of us are finally together again, nothing will seem to matter - even the location.

So I must ask YOU:
1. Where are you stationed with your significant others?
2. Is anyone in either of the above mentioned places?
3. If you moved far, what was the easiest and the hardest thing about it?

Thanks for just letting me get this out.


  1. 1. Where are you stationed with your significant others? My Chief and I are stationed in Guam, however... the kids and I haven't made it over there yet as the overseas screening process for me and 4 kids is taking forever, and now they want me to have my gallbladder out before I can go.

    2. Is anyone in either of the above mentioned places? My Chief LOVES Guam. He cannot wait to get us out there to show us around and take us to the beach.

    3. If you moved far, what was the easiest and the hardest thing about it? So far there hasn't been an easy for us, but we have the 4 kids under the age of 4.

    Good luck to you! I hope that things work out for the best regardless of where you end up!

  2. Hey there!

    I am actually originally from Guam. My husband was stationed there for 5 years and we met a couple days after he back from a Kuwait deployment. He is a sailor who was stationed at Anderson Air Force Base on the Northern end of the island, and there is a navy base all the locals and sailors call Big Navy on the southern end.

    My guy fell in love with the island. He can't wait to go back. It's summer all year long, but it also rains every day on SOME part of the island. But it's not a Washington kind of rain. It can be downpouring on one side of the road and sunshine on the other. The rain can come in an instant, and be gone the next.

    It's a tiny, tiny piece of land...33 miles long, and 7 miles wide at it's widest point.

    There is no snow, you can go to the beach WHENEVER you want. Depending if you live down south, you can probably look out your window and there's the ocean. Some places, it's within walking distance. Other's not.

    It's also very, VERY humid. But more often than not, the ocean breeze cools everything down a little bit.

    It's a great place to be, depending on what you'd like to do. If you love city life, where it's rush, rush then it might take some getting used to it. Island life is very laidback, especially down south, where I spent 13 of my 18 years. Us locals love to fish and BBQ.

    Up north, especially in Tumon, is the tourist trap. All the hotels and bars are all up there. Majority of the island's military (which is a BIG percentage of our population) all hang out there. If you stick with staying there, then you really can't enjoy true island life.

    Whether or not you enjoy it there, really, ABSOLUTELY is all a matter of preference and disposition. But isn't that the case with everywhere else?

    I moved from Guam to Kansas a month before my husband deployed to Iraq. It was my first time in the states, I didn't know anybody and I had just met his parents 6 months before for 2 weeks when they came out to visit. So it was very awkward and very, very hard. I was 2 and half hours from the nearest base (which happened to an Army base). But I made it work. And a year later, hubby came home and we are stationed in Jacksonville, FL now for the next 3 years.

    He wants to go right back after this duty station, and spend a sea duty and a shore duty there. I'm kinda...awww, but I love the states! ;)

    I am so sorry, I didn't realize this comment had gotten so long.

    If you have any questions, whatsoever, please feel free to email me at My best friend and my brother are stationed in Okinawa, Japan so if it turns out he chooses there, and you don't know anybody who can answer those questions, I can do my best. =)

    Good luck to you and your family! I really hope that things work great! =)