Friday, October 1, 2010

MILS Friday Fill In #16

Friday means MilSpouse Friday Fill-In. Wife of a Sailor has all the questions, so link up if you wish and join the fun.

What is the silliest get-up you have ever worn outside of a Halloween party? (from To The Nth)
When my friend Jeremiah decided to move to another state with his family we had a huge going away party for him. He always had the fun spikey hair that reminded me of cartoon hair. Anyways, I spent 3 hours getting ready for his party - on my hair. My extra long crazy fun hair matched his that night. I don't remember that my outfit was anything extraordinary, but my hair sure was!  He loved it!

What is something that you gave up in order to live the military lifestyle? (from Pennies from Heaven)
I haven't given up anything, since Chief and I are in different places. I can see in the future when we make the decision to move forward what I will give up...the place I call home, even tho I will keep it for us to come back to. Having my girlfriends near. And maybe the bird...I can't see him taking travel well. 

If money wasn't a factor and you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? And why? (from Life and Times of a Displaced Jersey Girl)
Atlantis. Machu Picu. Great Wall of China. Russia. Italy. Egypt. I can't pick just one. I want to see the history, and take in the culture.

If you were going to join the military, what branch would you join? Or which MOS/rating would you choose? (from And Never Did You Think)
Back when I was young and dumb I wanted to join the Marines and be a MP. Yep. Then I decided I wasn't cut out for the military. 

What is your favorite thing to make for dinner? (from Armendinger Party of 4)
This week - Tator Tot Hot Dish, I've made it twice! Part of it because it's been so chilly here lately. I love to make hamburger, rice and gravy with lots of pepper, and a dash of salt.  Mmmm...I'm hungry.
My fav to do...GRILL!  Everything. In the summer. I may even attempt to grill this winter dangit!

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  1. Macchu Pichu is high on my list too! When I was younger, I wanted to climb it, then I realized I'm totally not cut out for it. But there's a book, Honeymoon with my Brother, where they go and it sounded amazing. And the book isn't as weird as it sounds. It's about a guy who gets dumped days before his wedding and takes his brother with him on his honeymoon. They end up quitting their jobs and traveling, it's actually an awesome story.