Monday, October 18, 2010

Role Call!

Here I am! 
Things have been busy and I am still trying to get used to this schedule I have created for Minny and I. I know Minny is struggling with the hours we're keeping now too, because once we hit the weekend, she is ready for bed!  I have the kid who refuses to go to bed until she is forced to. Why?  She's her mother's daughter!  She can't miss a thing!  Needless to say, Minny was asleep on the couch by 9pm Friday night, but I had nothing to do with it!

Last week I received my "Fall Swap" package from Allie at My Marine and Me.  Thanks Allie!  How cute is she?  2 super cute plates, cups, a frame, fall towels and canny!  How fun was this swap? 
Last week we watched KickAss. Oh my goodness!  Note to self, do not watch with little eyes and ears around. Thankfully Minny was already in bed.  Definitely a great movie, certainly NOT what I expected.  Yesterday we watched....Stomp the Yard 2!   Love the steppin movies. 
Saturday was a day for the ladies!  I signed Elise up with Premier and am excited to have her for sure!  Looking forward to her training show coming up. She has been a customer since I started as a Jeweler, and has always talked about doing it, but...never did, until Saturday!  Saturday night Sarah Pants, Mavin and I had an ABS outing. Why is it when you get together with your best girlfriends you are always guaranteed a laugh or more?  Heavens. I had to work at Tailgate hosting karaoke that night. And who knew a cowbell could bring so much entertainment?  We got lost on the way home, laughed a lot and created more memories.
Minny and I were driving along last week when she said, hey mom look.  Dangit. Why does she have to just tickle me like this....right over top of her glasses even.

Pat - Maivin's hubs - and his parents for YEARS have always had the "who found the eggnog first" contest. So I love finding it...Can you believe ALREADY yesterday it was found at the grocery store?  Sprinkler Girl just had to bring it home already!  Sure glad I sent her off to get Biscuits for me last night!

Pants and I hit Target last night after I returned my karaoke equipment, I spent $22 and saved... $49!  Right?  Crazy, I know!  I was SO excited. Picked up a bunch of stuff we needed for the house.

Do any of you have a guilty pleasure?  What is it?
shhhhh....this is mine.  and since it's getting colder here, I will be in the "Happy Capsule" more.

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  1. I also tan!! It's one of my guilty pleasures but I think my other one is eating junk food when no one is looking. Like sometimes I'll eat onion dip and potato chips for breakfast (like I'm doing right now) haha