Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

I woke up with no alarm this morning, early, and decided today Minny and I needed to stop at church before we went about our day. And the other thought that crossed my mind, "Just Keep Swimming" 
Yep, just like Dory. 
But after having such a perfectly smooth morning getting ready and quickly, did we get to the church to light the vigil candle for my dad, did we realize the rectory wasn't open to purchase the vigil candle. Ohferstupid.  Ugh.  So I looked at Minny and said, Papa knows we're thinking of him all day today, we'll have to come back after school/work.
I've cried numerous times today. What is it that makes it so simple to cry at the thought of him. 
1. What's an illegal?  Yep, it's a sick bird.
2. Do you know what a Paradox is?  Nope, it's two doctors, come on kid.
3. I'mma knock your head so far up your ass I'll make a pygmy out of you.
4. You know what this is?  It's a knuckle sammich.  (as he would swing his other hand around and hit you in the back of the head - got me EVERY time)
5. Do you know what a Parallel is?  It's two lell's of course.  (I can't tell you the number of friends that my dad did this to.  One night we even went thru the dictionary and went thru all the Para words - good times!)
6. Hey kid, go practice your French and "mow d'lawn" 
7. WORK!  in the highest pitched voice my dad could get. I loved it. I could be having a horrible day and this would make me laugh. Along with him singing "I owe I owe, it's off to work I go"
8. That guy was a Dickweed. (Why did I NEVER listen?) 
9. Singing. Whistling. My dad did both so fantastically. Bing Crosby eat your heart out. But it's funny, every time I hear Bing I think of my daddy.
10. The way he smoked and told a story. My dad quit smoking a couple years before he passed.  But the way he would would take a drag, start telling a story and exhale just...cracked me up. 

I really dislike this time of year. September thru the Holidays have been really tough the past few years. I can't believe he's not here. I bought my first car with out his help. Purchased a home. Fixed it up. Reconnected with the most amazing man who ... I wish could have met my dad.
I have the most fantastic memories of the man that raised me, loved me and would have done anything for me. He was so smart, funny and my father. He instilled so many great qualities in us kids, and I admire him for so many things. I know my mom misses him incredibly.
Sorry for the debbiedowner post, I just needed to purge today.

Rest in Peace Dad.

In memory I had this done - my dad had the tats done in Japan while in the AirForce, and one on each arm, so I had them combined.

p.s. my friend Didi says that you can't smoke and cry at the same time...maybe I'll try that today. 

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